WaterWise offers water management solutions for wastewater treatment plants, septic tank treatments & greasetrap and drain maintenance products.

Water Management

Water management is an area that is often overlooked by many consumers until they begin to experience problems with pipes, grease traps or septic systems. In order for these systems to operate properly over the course of years, a certain amount of forethought and preventative maintenance is usually required. Even large, well engineered complexes such as waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) can benefit through the use of biochemical enhancements and optimizers. In answer to this need, WaterWise Technologies provides reliable, cost-effective water management solutions to municipal, institutional, industrial and residential customers worldwide.

Drain Maintenance

Drain Maintenance is not something that most people consider until they are confronted by a problem that can result in an expensive plumbing bill. As with any other building component, drains and pipes require ongoing maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Over time oils, grease, hair, and other semi-solid wastes contribute to buildup, slow drains and complete blockages. In order to remedy this problem, WaterWise Technologies offers environmentally friendly professional strength drain maintenance products that are safe, non-corrosive and easy-to-use.

Septic System Treatment

Septic systems also require periodic maintenance in order to keep functioning properly. In addition to FOG (fats, oils and grease), many systems also have to deal with problems such as anti-bacterial detergents and other cleaning compounds that can inhibit or harm the bacteria that is required to make the system work, resulting in a clogged leach field, back-up and frequent sludge removal. Traditional remedies (i.e. – Ridex) fail to address these problems completely. WaterWise Technologies offers safe, easy options for homeowners who wish to keep their systems healthy.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease trap maintenance can be improved through safe, bio-friendly enhancements. More efficient digestion of grease, controlling of odors and pipe maintenance are among the benefits resulting from the use of specially designed, environmentally safe bacterial compounds available from WaterWise Technologies. Our company’s experience in this field positions us to provide customers with expert solutions to meet the needs of their specific industrial or commercial setting.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Optimizers

We realize that each waste water treatment plant is unique in terms of type, configuration and areas requiring enhancement or optimization. To avoid costly re-engineering and expansion projects, our general approach is to make the existing system work better without undertaking massive changes to the biochemistry of a plant, its bacteria or general operation.

Our products can provide results through improved performance to the following operational areas of most WWTP’s: rate of BOD reduction, nitrification / denitrification, sludge reduction, reduced dewatering polymer costs, amount of recycle, better settling (reduced suspended solids).