Growing populations are increasingly taxing the demand on available fresh water resources.

Water is essential to life. Our robust economy depends on it. Our families and communities cannot thrive without it. It is also an integral component of the world’s physical beauty and diverse ecosystems.

Unfortunately, many of the world’s water systems are in an enduring crisis. At the current usage, water supply and delivery systems will not be able to meet our increasing demands. Not surprisingly, this situation places essential environmental resources in danger. Population growth, an outdated infrastructure and climate change comprise a challenging set of obstacles that threaten the future of the population, economy and environment.

Water Conservation

From the standpoint of environmental responsibility, our focus is to encourage water conservation through promoting and providing products that are proven to increase water efficiency.

Since reducing water consumption is a key objective of sustainable design, WaterWise Technologies promotes BMP’s (Best Management Practices), the LEED Program and EPA WaterSense as standard criteria for progressive projects. To achieve optimal environmental stewardship, conservation of water must be considered as a key factor in all new construction and renovation projects.

Several regions throughout the world are experiencing severe drought. In fact, the use of water in many areas currently exceeds the ability of supplying aquifers to replenish themselves. As these conditions persist, local governments are mandating more strict ordinances governing the use of municipal and rural water supplies. Violations of these regulations often result in citations and fines, while more serious negligence can result in involuntary disruption of water service. However, the majority of residential consumers are conscientious and do not intentionally set out to waste water. On the contrary, over-use of water is often unintentional as most people have too many other important things on their minds. This is where WaterWise can help.

WaterWise Technologies works in cooperation with businesses and homeowners by providing them with information and products that can reduce the amount of water (and energy) they are consuming, thereby resulting in lower utility bills (and in rural areas, less demand on wells).

Replacement of old, water-guzzling fixtures with new high-efficiency ones can result in saving up to sixty percent more water. In most cases, such simple things as replacing showerheads and faucet aerators can make a significant impact in water-usage without having to sacrifice comfort or making a large investment. Installing a HET (High Efficiency Toilet) or waterless urinal is another option. Measures like these are inexpensive but present businesses and homeowners with long range benefits in terms of utility costs. For those who wish to add a complete water conservation program to their home or business, rain water harvesting and grey water recycling systems should also be given consideration.

Remember: Every drop counts!