Water.....our most precious resource.

WaterWise Technologies International was founded in 2008 to promote water conservation and water quality for businesses and residential consumers. Since that time, the company has become recognized as a leading global resource for water efficiency fixtures, biochemical water treatment products and water filtration systems.

The founders of WWTI utilized their background in the water conservation industry to form a team of dedicated professionals who share their vision. Initially, the company provided solutions for regional customers, including municipalities, institutions and the hospitality industry. Now, WaterWise Technologies has personnel and offices positioned throughout North America.

Throughout its existence, WaterWise Technologies has invested a considerable amount of time researching products and creating direct relationships with several of the world’s leading manufacturers of fixtures and chemicals. WWTI’s current product range offers customers an unbeatable selection of innovative items that are rated best for efficiency, durability, cost and overall performance.

WWTI’s experts are available to offer advice to consumers regarding water efficiency and water quality issues. With a history of supplying sound solutions to our clients, WaterWise Technologies has achieved an excellent reputation as a consultant and distributor used by government agencies, municipalities, architects, engineers and contractors. Our products are distributed worldwide with support being offered through regional agents.

In cooperation with the Federal Government, WaterWise Technologies is a member of the EPA WaterSense Program and promotes several products bearing that label.