Water quality around the world is endangered by manmade contaminants.

Not everyone’s water supply comes from springs fed by melting snowpacks and glacier runoff, as is the case for the fortunate residents of Hallstatt, Austria. In reality, pure healthy water is difficult to find. Industrial contaminants, chlorine, fluoridation, pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals, bacteria and parasites comprise a host of threats to good health. Many forms of cancer, birth defects and other illnesses can be directly linked with the consumption of contaminated water.

Water Quality

WaterWise Technologies understands the important need for availability of safe, healthy water. We are also aware that consumers obtain water from different sources, creating the need for various methods of refinement. Some situations may be remedied by carbon filtration, while others may require reverse osmosis, rust removal, softening or ultra-violet disinfection. Whatever the situation, WWTI provides refining equipment that will deal directly with most any water quality problem. Our research team has carefully selected a host of products that range from simple point of use kitchen filters to customized water filtration systems for municipalities. WaterWise Technologies will work with you to select the best solution for your water quality needs.